Remote Heart Defiblirator

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Core Studio Project, 3D Design, Industrial Design, System Design, Python, PHP & Html Programming, Working Prototype

Foundry Modo, Keyshot, Dreamweaver, Raspberry Pi, Monitoring Sensors, Electronics

Arizona State University Design Excellence Award Spring 2017

Remote Assistant

In this project the possibilities of remote heart monitoring in case of emergency was explored. This device has capabilities to connect remotely to a heart care specialist for monitoring and assistance while users need it the most, in critical situations.

By incorporating camera, microphone, LCD display and a user friendly application a concept working prototype was made to ensure the credibility of the idea. In addition, remote battery monitoring for devices as such is included to make sure devices in any location are ready and working as intended without including a person to check them weekly or monthly.

Ultimate Benefits

For this concept a working prototype for proof of concept was designed and developed. The device includes the following: camera, microphone, heart rate monitoring sensor, LCD, batteries and shock pads. The application for this device was made with PHP and Python on a Raspberry Pi computer that includes a server and databases for communication and recordings.