Zen Pod

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FALL 2017

Core Studio Design, Universal Design, Concept Design, 3D Space Design, Industrial Design, Travel Studio

Fusion 360, Modo, Solidworks, Keyshot

Arizona State University Design Excellence Award Fall 2017

Zen Form & Space for Relaxation & Meditation

The busy, noisy, and polluted urban areas in advanced and developed cities not only adds to the population’s stress, but also impacts the overall health and well being of residents. In this case, the main concept of this project is a Zen space for relaxation and meditation in order to improve the overall health of the population both mentally and physically. In this concept, simplicity, flexibility, and equability of use is incorporated dynamically in space, form and design of this universal pod.

The universal design principles provide users with comfort, agility, and a stress free environment. The overall structure of this pod is a combination of modern and traditional styles and inspirations from nature.

Design Ideation

By travelling to Japan and collecting thousands of images for inspirations, the main idea was finalized after numerous attempts in order to build a place for Zen. After number of UD analysis and observations the final shape and functionality of the model was shaped.

A Haven For Personal Healing,
Growth & Discovery