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Core Studio Design, Safety Design, Concept Design, 3D Design, Industrial Design

Fusion 360, Keyshot, After Effects, Raspberry Pi, Working Prototype, Electronic Sensors, Web Design, App Design

Arizona State University Design Excellence Nominee

Earthquake Alert & Monitoring

This concept device provides homeowners with alerts about earthquakes, education, and practice drills that can be modified by the use of phone or tablet application. By using an accurate accelerometer and live feed confirmations from USGS, earth vibrations can be monitored and reported to users. This product help users to receive alerts and safety precautions prior to earthquake occurrences.

Earthquake Facts

Earthquakes can happen anywhere in the world. According to ‘USGS’ article “it is estimated that around 500,000 earthquakes occur each year, detectable with current instrumentation and about 100,000 of them can be felt.” Earthquakes take at least 10,000 lives each year worldwide.